Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of bikes do you rent?

  • E-bikes, Cruiser (city) Bikes, Tandem Bikes, Mountain Bikes , and Adaptive Bikes

How long are the rentals for?

  • 2 hours, 4 hours, Full day, Overnight, 24 hours, and multi-day rentals!

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

What if I want to return my bike after hours?

  • We offer an overnight rental (20 hours) and a 24 hour rental as long as you have a place to store the bike overnight.

Do you need to reserve a bicycle?

  • Reservations are highly recommended to ensure you get your desired bike and to know the availability of your bikes. However, you can walk up for a rental.
  • Book you bike HERE

Where can we find your rental shop?

Where can I bike in Kelowna?

  • Knox Mountain Park (multiple trails)
  • The Rail Trail
  • Downtown waterfront Kelowna
  • Abbots St close to the waterfront
  • Myra Canyon Trestles – Kettle Valley Rail Trail
  • Rose Valley Regional Park (multiple trails)
  • Okanagan Mountain Park (multiple trails)
  • Crawford Trails (multiple trails)

Where does the rail trail start in Kelowna?

  • At the corner of Ellis St and Cawston Ave in Downtown Kelowna

Are helmets provided with the rental?

  • Yes for free. In fact we require all of our riders to wear helmets.

What if there is damage to the rental?

  • We store your credit card for your rental. We will get ahold of our mechanic and get a quote within 72 hours and charge your card based on the quote from our mechanic.

Is Kelowna bike friendly?

  • Kelowna is a bikefriendly community, boasting the most extensive bicycle network in Canada for a city its size.

Where can I rent tandem bikes in Kelowna?

Where can I rent Ebikes in Kelowna?

Where can I rent bikes in Kelowna?

Where can I rent bikes in Kelowna?

Where can I rent adaptive bikes in Kelowna?

Where in Kelowna can I rent bikes for multiple days?

Kelowna Bike Rentals is providing inclusive opportunities for outdoor recreation while creating meaningful impact within the local community with 100% of profits going back into Elevation Outdoors and CRIS programs.

Hours of Operation

May 15 – June 25 12pm to 5pm

June 25 – Aug 30 10am to 6pm





Knox Mountain overflow parking lot

589 Poplar Point drive